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Wed., Sept. 17 through Sun., Sept. 21. 

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Thurs., Sept. 18, 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m

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Sat., Sept. 20 through Sun., Sept. 21






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Raising The Roof: Three Philadelphia hotels take advantage of their rooftops to grow edible gardens

Illustration by Faye Rogers.If you’re sitting at the bar at the Sofitel Hotel this summer, you might experience this scenario: After scanning the cocktail menu, you order a mojito, the perfect drink to celebrate a bright afternoon. The first sip is an explosion of flavor—like the rum, lime and mint are dancing a conga line in your mouth. The bartender explains that the mint was picked that very morning from the rooftop garden a dozen floors above your head—about as local as it gets. 

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Fully Charged: Improved technology and enthusiastic owners bode well for the electric car’s future

Story by Samantha Wittchen, Illustrations by Miguel CoThough it runs perfectly, Ric Temple’s Nissan Leaf can make him late. His electric-powered car rouses so much curiosity that Temple is regularly interrogated by passersby outside his South Philadelphia home. People take pictures of his car, as well as the charging station to which it’s attached. But Temple doesn’t mind—unless he’s in a hurry. He’s even taken the time to post an explanatory sign on the charging station to answer the frequently asked questions so, when he isn’t around, those who have their interest piqued can learn more. 

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Hugh Lofting earns passive house certification

The rain screen system is composed of vertical boards over two layers of rigid insulationPeople often think the most important component of heating a home is the furnace. But sometimes, the furnace is secondary to other aspects of the home-heating equation.

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Up On a Hill: Ultra-efficient contemporary design meets an agrarian aesthetic in West Chester


Nestled in a forested hillside along the Brandywine River, 60 Bragg Hill blends contemporary design with West Chester’s agrarian aesthetic. Owned by Barney and Dr. Nancy Leonard, this farmhouse chic home designed by Matthew Moger of Moger Mehrhof Architects (MMA) maintains a minimal environmental footprint through its passive and active building systems, use of local building materials and intricate site design.

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Storm Chasers: Local partnership enhances green stormwater efforts 

New partnership seeks to support companies creating green stormwater infrastructure, like this rain garden planting.What’s the stormwater buzz in Philly? 

The Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia (SBN) is working with local businesses to enhance the stormwater infrastructure industry through Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Partners, a program to enhance technological and economic opportunities surrounding green roofs, rain gardens and other landscape elements that reduce stormwater runoff and visually enhance our neighborhoods. 

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