Rescues: All About the Animals

by Sierra Turner & Grid staff

We’ve all seen the “Who Rescued Who?” bumper stickers and T-shirts that speak to Philadelphia’s deep love for the family members we’ve found in shelters. Running those shelters takes a lot of time, elbow grease and kibble, and they are always looking for volunteers to help care for animals and give them the best chance of adoption—maybe that person is you?

ACCT Philly

Animal Care and Control Team is the region’s largest animal care and control service provider, and it manages the city’s animal shelter facility in North Philadelphia. Every single day of the year,  you can adopt a pet at ACCT Philly.

Who you’ll help
Some of the centers 28,000 homeless, abandoned or abused animals that are served annually

What you’ll do
Walk dogs, assist with socialization and enrichment activities for cats and dogs, give animals the best chance of adoption by bathing, grooming and taking pictures, or become a foster parent or volunteer for office tasks

Morris Animal Refuge

This open admissions shelter offers high quality care for cats, dogs and other small animals. The refuge provides a full range of animal care, adoption services and humane education.

Who you’ll help
A homeless pup or other needy animal who is ready to become part of someone’s family

Spend some time to
Train dogs, socialize cats, counsel adopters, and perform numerous other tasks at the center and adoption events


Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society is dedicated to saving Philadelphia’s homeless, abandoned and unwanted animals. It is the city’s largest no-kill shelter and operates two high-volume, low-cost clinics serving pet owners and rescue organizations that lack access to affordable, basic veterinary care.

Who you’ll help
A shelter cat or dog who wants to love their way into a new situation on a comfy couch

What you’ll do
Help at adoption events, socialize potential adoptees, walk and bathe dogs, transport animals to and from foster and adoptive homes, provide administrative support

“I volunteer with PAWS because I appreciate the work they do to make Philly a no-kill city and to help as many cats and dogs as possible. It is very rewarding to be even a small part of that mission.”  
– Sharon Mills, PAWS volunteer