Food Trucks We Love: Farm Truck

by Emily Kovach


The owners: Kris Pepper and Eliot Coven
@Farm_Truck on Twitter

Cuisine: Seasonal, farm-to-table. We buy locally whenever possible and serve an eclectic mix of American, Asian, Mediterranean and fusion cuisine. We often get asked if everything on our menu is healthy. To which we say, “It isn’t health food, it’s whole food.”

We’ll find you…? Roaming the Philadelphia area. We do all sorts of events, from corporate lunches to food festivals. But most of our business is weddings and parties.

Who is your favorite customer? We have a wedding client from the beginning of last season who has so far recommended us to two more weddings. He’s our biggest fan and we really appreciate him!

Tell us about your truck’s design: Our truck’s paint job was designed and painted by Gabe Felice, an artist out of Pittsburgh. We saw a mural of his at a restaurant there and got in touch right away about coming out to do the job. It was great to see his process throughout the project: He made great use of layering spray paint and other media, such as paint markers. He also used found objects like milk crates to create stencils and add to the texture.

We get a lot of positive feedback from customers and clients, as well as the occasional negative comment from the “traditionalists” in the industry who prefer a branded wrap to a creative paint job. But what can we say? We’re kind of rebellious.