Food Trucks We Love: Dump-n-Roll

by Emily Kovach


The owner: Peter Tong
@DumpnRoll215 on Twitter

Specialty: We’re the only world fusion inspired creative dumplings and spring rolls food truck!

Where we can find you? On social media, because I’m all over the tri-state area. But I’m often at Frankford and Girard in Fishtown, or in University City at 34th and Market streets, by Drexel University.

Customer favorite? Our Far West wontons: chipotle turkey bacon cheeseburger tempura wontons with honey bourbon barbecue sauce.

Who designed your truck?
The truck was designed by my friends Gain and Texas—they are two well-known graffiti artists in Philadelphia. I approached them with this challenging project, and they accepted it. We settled on a Philly skyline scene with the glow of a sunset backdrop and anime pop art. 

The hardest part was to find an enclosed area that would fit the truck. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find a place, so we had to work outside in the elements, which made it very difficult and prolonged the project for months.

After it was all said and done, I believe we have one of the most eye-catching and beautiful food trucks ever. Everyone says it’s different and beautiful. They love standing by the mouth while taking a picture—it’s like they’re about to get eaten by the character!