We love the art on local food trucks almost as much as their delicious cuisine

A Movable Visual Feast

by Emily Kovach

Gourmet food trucks are everywhere in Philly, dishing up creative, restaurant-quality fare around town at lunchtime, festivals, concerts, farmers markets and street fairs. While it’s the cuisine cooking inside the trucks that entices us—melty deep-fried cheese curds, overstuffed tacos, authentic Southern barbecue and decadent cupcakes, just to name a few—many local trucks flaunt bold and engaging artwork on their exteriors.

Much like the restaurant world, the mobile food industry is a competitive one, and creative graphics can help trucks stand out from the pack. We found a few of our city’s snazziest food trucks and asked their owners some questions about life on the road.

Farm Truck
@Farm_Truck on Twitter

Mom-Mom's Polish Food Cart
@MomMomNomNom on Twitter

@DumpnRoll215 on Twitter

El Guaco Loco
@ElGuacoLoco on Twitter