Gift Guide: The Adventurer


Camp Supply and Tent Rentals
City apartments don’t usually offer storage, so instead of jamming up tiny closets with camping equipment, rent high-quality tents and other accessories such as sleeping pads and mess kits, delivered to your doorstep by bicycle from Fireside Camp Supply.
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Sidekick Utility Belt
No pockets? No problem. Leave the bulky backpack at home and strap on one of Fabric Horse's sturdy waxed canvas belts, accented with a pocket just the right size for a phone, cash and keys.

United by Blue and Yellow Leaf, two socially conscious companies, have teamed up to create a colorful, durable, handwoven hammock, perfect for an afternoon nap after a long day of exploration.

Alpaca Boot Socks
Nothing negates the fun of adventure faster than soggy, cold feet. These boot socks from Cuttalossa—made with alpaca fiber raised in New Jersey and manufactured in North Carolina—wick moisture, provide padding and keep toes dry.

Kayak or Canoe Lessons
Philadelphia Canoe Club offers classes and lessons for paddlers of every level—from novice kayakers to experienced whitewater rafters. Your outdoorsy bretheren will be able to move beyond the woods and enjoy the many waterways in and around Philadelphia. 
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