November: To-Do List

Illustration by Julia Tran

Illustration by Julia Tran

1. Break out the blankets
Put an extra blanket or two on your bed, and keep one near the couch. You’ll save money and energy if you’re not defaulting to cranking up the heat when the chill sets in.

2. Plant your spring bulbs
You still have a little time to get bulbs into the ground for a fantastic spring show. Take advantage of the fact that tulip, hyacinth and daffodil bulbs will likely be on sale right now.

3. Find a fall day trip
Nothing says fall in the Northeast like a good hayride, mulled cider and a bonfire. Whether it’s a romantic couples’ night or a day out with the kids, many local farms oblige with public events.

4. Close up the garden
Sadly, the gardening season is over. But a little time spent now preparing for the spring will help you be ready to put trowel to dirt when March rolls around. Pull any remaining pesky weeds or plants that are spent. Then get yourself some good compost and work it into the soil. You can also add shredded leaves to further boost the soil quality, and consider other soil amendments you think you might need.

5. Enjoy fall beauty at Longwood Gardens
The fall Chrysanthemum Festival and Autumn’s Colors tours run through Nov. 20.

6. Weatherize your windows and doors
You have been holding off on turning on the heat, but November is here. Make sure you’ve spent an hour with low-cost weather stripping to keep the cold air out and the heat in. If you’re finally ready to take the plunge, it isn’t too late to get an energy audit. That way you can make a plan for spring renovations that could make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home.

7. Check on your snow boots and supplies
Climate change will be causing more severe weather in Philadelphia, including more snowfall. Make sure your boots will make it another season, get the shovel out of the basement and stock up on nontoxic ice-melt so you don’t get stuck when the first snowfall arrives.    

8. Restock and clean the pantry
As the nights get darker, you’ll be happy not have to rely on GrubHub to get your meals if you’ve got the essentials on hand. Take a Sunday afternoon to take stock and stock up.

9. Vote!
We can’t say it enough times. You’ve been protesting, you’ve been debating friends and family, and now is your chance to cast a ballot in both national and statewide elections. Get to those polls Nov. 8.

10. Get started on your holiday shopping 
If you plan things out now, you’ll be able to come through on that promise to yourself to buy local and support independent stores. Check out Grid’s picks on everything from Philly-made home goods to cultural experiences.