Co-op Member Profile: Diane Childs - SB1 Federal Credit Union

Diane Childs has been a member of credit unions for 46 years. “My parents got me my first savings account as a child, and I have continued to do my banking only at credit unions,” she explains. Her long-time membership inspired her to eventually become an employee at Sb1 Federal Credit Union. “Knowing that we put the member first in all of our decisions as an organization makes coming to work every day a pleasure,” Childs says. 

Childs also likes that Sb1 is a not-for-profit organization. “[It] allows us to put all of our profits back into rates and services for the member-owners,” she says. “People helping each other through their deposits being lent out to their fellow members—that is pretty powerful.” 

In a city known for its many diverse neighborhoods, Childs thinks financial cooperatives are especially vital. “Co-ops were founded to help serve, work with and work for the betterment of communities,” Childs says. “Especially living in today’s world where most everyone is faced with economic and personal financial uncertainties.”

Sb1 Federal Credit Union
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