The Local Food Guide 2015

We all know that the food we nourish ourselves with affects our bodies. But how often do we think about the fact that what, and where, we choose to eat affects the health of the local economy and environment? Our everyday food choices also reflect our personal values.

When you choose to patronize businesses in the Local Food Guide that source from local farms, you make a direct contribution to a system that supports fair food: food that is healthy and safe, local and regional, and humanely produced with fair business practices. Right now, much of the food produced in our country comes from factory farms that prioritize financial profit over other values.

Fair Food is a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization that works to connect and support an interdependent, regional system of local food that includes you, your favorite shops and restaurants and the local farms that supply them. Through education, advocacy and advising local businesses and farms, Fair Food helps make healthy and affordable food choices available to all of Philadelphia. You can support their work and find out more at