Windows 2.0: Non-toxic window cleaner so you can see clearly


story by Leah R. TroianoAs April nears, I’m always looking for the first signs of spring: crocus breaching the soil, warmer weather and abundant sunshine. But what I most look forward to is replacing my storm windows with screens, so I can open the windows and let in fresh air. Doing this is always a reminder that I need to scrub the winter grime from my windows.

The first cleaning is never a quick spray-and-wipe job. There’s a lot of muck that needs to be washed off before those windows can shine. It would be easy to buy a bottle of commercial window cleaner, but I’m usually not satisfied with the end result, and I’m almost never happy with the ingredients. Many well-known cleaners contain ammonia, ethanol, isopropyl alcohol or methanol, all of which can be harmful if swallowed or inhaled in large quantities. So I make my own. It’s so quick and easy to put together that I don’t lose my window-cleaning motivation.

How to Make your own Window Cleaner

  • Combine vinegar, soap, water and essential oils in a spray bottle.
  • Shake. For regular use, spray onto window and wipe off.
  • For very dirty windows such as an outside window, spray window generously, then scrub gently with an old kitchen scrubber, removing any debris stuck to the window.
  • Wipe with a cotton cloth.
  • Spray again and wipe clean with newspaper or paper towel.

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