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Space Pulse Pattern Presence (Sp3)

In our age of alienation through technology and political divides, simply being together has become a political act. “Sp3” deals abstractly with themes of alienation and the technologized body. We call into question the concept of “presence,” and ask how one can remain present, embodied, and engaged, allowing art in general and the body in specific to remain a site of resistance to complacency.

Through pattern-based repetitions that loop and evolve, Sp3 weaves sound and movement into a fabric of shifting performance qualities, approaching “presence” as material to be shaped and cultivating a sensitivity to time unfolding, to environment, to human relation.

Oscillating between analogue and digital synthesis, Sp3’s music relies on algorithms to produce a layered, multifaceted sound world that resides in the territory of pulse pattern minimalism. Sp3’s six dancers create clear, formal architectures that are populated with densely textured movement.

COST: $15 - $29